Sean Kelly Gallery Now Represents Kris Martin - Recent News from USA
Sean Kelly Gallery Now Represents Kris Martin -

Sean Kelly Gallery Now Represents Kris Martin –

Kris Martin, Eve and Adam, 2017.


Belgian artist Kris Martin is now represented by New York’s Sean Kelly gallery, which will put on a show of his work this spring. Martin’s work drawings and sculptures—some of which figured in a 2007 solo show at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center in New York—grapple with the passage of time and the nature of destruction.

In a phone conversation, gallery founder Sean Kelly told ARTnews, “There were conversations with several different galleries, and luckily, he’s chosen to work with us. It’s almost scary how perfect his work is—certainly for my aesthetic and my taste, but also for the gallery as well.”

The gallery hasn’t announced specifics for Martin’s first show there, but Kelly said Martin will produce something “unique.” Kelly continued, “It’s a very complicated project. It’s going to be absolutely sensational and unlike anything anyone’s ever done, I think.”

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