Morning Links: Murder By Brazil Nut Edition - Recent News from USA
Morning Links: Murder By Brazil Nut Edition -

Morning Links: Murder By Brazil Nut Edition –

Netsuke of a dragon in a nut from 19th-century Japan.



Salvator Mundi will not be part of this year’s Leonardo da Vinci show in Paris because curators at the Louvre do not believe it can be attributed solely to the artist, according to a report in the Guardian. Art historian Ben Lewis said, “My inside sources at the Louvre, various sources, tell me that not many curators think this picture is an autograph Leonardo da Vinci.” [The Guardian]

A Leonardo drawing show at Buckingham Palace in London “reveals the craftsman alongside the visionary—and the sheer range of his curiosity.” [The Guardian]


After dementia stopped Peter Max from painting, “associates are trading lurid allegations of kidnapping, hired goons, attempted murder by Brazil nut, and art fraud on the high seas.” [The New York Times]

“Salvador Dalí and Alice In Wonderland go together like Beethoven and the sublime. So what could be better than a Dalí illustrated Alice in Wonderland?” [Ranker]


Celebrated chef Dave Chang has been devoting his podcast to art, most recently in a conversation with Rirkrit Tiravanija. [The Ringer]

Here’s Chang’s talk with New York Times art critic Roberta Smith. [The Ringer]

And then his first art-related one, a few months ago, with New York magazine’s Jerry Saltz. [The Ringer]


“The Louvre in Paris closed its doors yesterday, turning away thousands of visitors, after security personnel went on strike. In a statement, the Sud Culture Solidaires Union said that the museum “is suffocating” due to the record number of visitors which totalled 10.2 million last year.” [The Art Newspaper]

Feast your eyes on a fantastic photo of a French waterpark. [The Guardian]


PBS NewsHour devoted a segment to the “freedom to experiment with art” at the newly renovated Hood Museum at Dartmouth College in Boston. [PBS NewsHour]

Check out some art events to attend this week in New York. [ARTnews]

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