Morning Links: Greer Lankton Edition - Recent News from USA
Morning Links: Greer Lankton Edition -

Morning Links: Greer Lankton Edition –

Fashion lives. Etching by Thomas Rowlandson, 1801.


Koons Boos

Guardian art critic Adrian Searle is not over the moon about Jeff Koons, as evidenced by a reference in the headline of his review to “haemorrhoid horrors from the artist who’s too expensive to fail.” [The Guardian]

In case you missed it, the Guardian also ran a stinging takedown of Koons in the form of a profile on Monday. [The Guardian]


The New Orleans Museum of Art is opening an expanded sculpture garden in May with commissioned works by Larry Bell, Teresita Fernández, and more. [ARTnews]

The Whitney Museum acquired Norman Lewis’s American Totem, a painting with allusions to Ku Klux Klan hoods that is disquietingly, gut-punchingly timely today. [The Art Newspaper]

Time magazine’s list of “12 Leaders Who Are Shaping the Next Generation of Artists” features some art-world luminaries, among them Jack Shainman, Rhea Combs, Jason Moran, Erin Christovale, and Rujeko Hockley. [Time]


Roberta Smith reviewed the new Dana Schutz show in New York. “Narrative and brushwork tangle and confuse, repel and seduce, often leaving us (or at least me) not sure if what’s going on is completely likable, or should be. …[S]he seems to have felt compelled to prove herself again—and she has.” [The New York Times]

David Salle wrote about “Andy Warhol: From A to B and Back Again.” On the topic of meeting the artist at Studio 54: “There he was, solitary in the shadows, standing with his arms crossed and one hand to his chin, staring at the revelry below. The trademark wig, in the pulsing light of the dance floor, looked not so much silver as made of straw. He glanced at me briefly, seemed about to speak, changed his mind.” [The New York Review of Books]

Kyle Chayka, who has a book about Minimalism coming out this year, wrote about Eleanor Ray’s paintings of art installations in Marfa, Texas, as well as scenes associated with Agnes Martin, Fra Angelico, and more. [The Paris Review]


The great photographer Robert Doisneau took some spirited pictures of music-related activities around Paris from the 1940 to the ‘80s. [The Guardian]

“John Mason, Who Expanded Ceramics’ Boundaries, Dies at 91.” [The New York Times]

“Milwaukee Museum Features More Than 6,500 Collectible Bobbleheads (and Counting).” [Smithsonian]

An icon held up for Fashion Week inspiration by the great electronic-music artist Oneohtrix Point Never: Greer Lankton. [Twitter]

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