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Elvira Gavrilova, the producer and business expert, visited Monaco Yacht Show (with Bogdan Terzi)

Elvira Gavrilova: the producer opened the new business opportunities by visiting Monaco Yacht Show

The tiny princedom at the French Riviera is a competitor to many large countries – especially in terms of the number of millionaires per square meter. Monaco appeals to the representatives of business circles from all over the world. Elvira Gavrilova, the producer from Ukraine, makes good use of the potential of Monaco’s local high-profile parties and business forums. Recently, she visited Monaco Yacht Show – one of the yacht world’s most prestigious events. We asked her about her impressions and the results of her trip.

Elvira Gavrilova, “Monaco is the site for exclusive networking” 

Elvira, is this your first time at the Monaco Yacht Show? Why have you got interested in it?

E.G. I was going to visit a yacht show a while ago. And this is one of the highlights on the international maritime calendar. A major fleet of super-yachts is mightily impressive. However, this is not what mattered to me most. Back in summer, during my visit to the Cannes Film Festival, I spent several days in Monaco. And I realized that this was the best possible platform for fantastic networking.

What comprised your agenda?

E.G. The exhibition gives a unique chance to establish new prospective connections, oriented at the strong cooperation in the future. The first positive impression should then be enhanced. And the best way to do it is having business lunches and dinners, where you continue your communication; it is also a chance to discover new shared interests. I visited many gala-dinners and VIP parties, and private yacht parties, too.

Elvira Gavrilova - the producer who promotes her projects in Europe (with Prince Michel de Yougoslavie)

What was the main goal of your trip and are you happy with the results?

E.G. My main goal was to find investors for my new project. For that purpose, within the Cannes Film Festival 2020, I visited gala-dinner organized for the support of Ukrainian movie production. We also discussed the national rating “Pride and Beauty of Ukraine”. By the way, in April, Odesa Theater of Opera and Ballet will yet again become the venue for the awarding ceremony, rounding up this rating. We also continue to develop Financoff magazine in Europe – I mentioned that on my Instagram and Twitter. My trips are always productive. I’ve widened my network with prospective contacts; the cooperation, however, is at the stage of negotiations, so I won’t reveal any details for now.

Elvira Gavrilova, the producer, speaks about her new projects and her love to Monaco

Elvira Gavrilova and Baron Alexander Zanzer

You visited many events. What was particularly impressive?

E.G. I’d say it was Amaala’s presentation. This is a tourist project which focuses on the construction of the luxury resort, “Middle East Riviera”, financed by the fund of Saudi Arabian Prince. The luxurious comfort on almost four million square kilometers – tremendously impressive! The project will involve private companies, too. And now we negotiate on a PR campaign on this project in Ukraine.

When you say “we”, do you mean Bogdan Terzi, who visited the yacht show with you?

E.G. Yes, Bogdan Terzi is my partner; he is the head of the advertising agency “Amillidius”, and he helps to develop all my projects. We carry out negotiations together. In Monaco, we had several meetings with the prospective investors and we managed to get their interest.

The trip was very fruitful, says Elvira Gavrilova. The producer has found new investors

So, for you, Monaco is a synonym to prospects, isn’t it?

E.G. A friend of mine compared Monaco to daycare for grown-ups – there, everything is so bright, colourful, with smiling faces around. And I can’t agree more – I adore Monaco! There, every day brings dozens of new contacts with amazing, interesting, successful people from all over the world. But first of all, it is a tremendous collaboration. One of a kind. Having a cup of coffee in De Paris café (a café in Monaco downtown), you can find yourself sitting next to a prince or a billionaire. Or walking along the street, you can bump into a future investor who will invest millions into your projects. And this is Monaco.

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